Golden Hand Cleaning Services
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Bathrooms (Master, hall, and powder room)
Golden Hand Cleaning Services 
Bedrooms, stairs, hallways
  Kitchen, breakfast area, laundry room
* Cobwebs removed
* Detailed dusting (towel racks, window sills, figurines,  shelves, baseboards )
* Toilet seat area (cleaned, wiped, and disinfected)
* Vanity and sink (cleaned, wiped, and disinfected)
* Mirror and chrome fixtures (cleaned, wiped, and disinfected)
* Shower (floor,door, and walls gentle scrubbed, disinfected) 
* Bathtub (bottom gentle scrubbed, wiped, and disinfected)
* Doors, Cabinets (wiped and disinfected)
* Floors (detailed vacuumed and mopped)
* Carpet and rugs (detailed vacuumed)
At Golden Hand Cleaning Services, we understand that every house is unique and special. While we customize in order to best serve our customers, here are some the tasks we perform every time we come out to your house. Below, we have broken down a simple house in parts in order to make it easy for you to understand our way of cleaning. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
* Cobwebs removed
* Tables (dining, coffee, side) hand wiped
* Chairs and couches (wiped and vacuumed)
* Knick-knack and figurines carefully dusted
* Ceiling fans, lampshades carefully dusted
​* Doors and light switches hand wiped.
* Blinds carefully dusted
* Rugs and carpeted areas thoroughly vacuumed
* Floors vacuumed (mopped if applicable)
* Picture frames wiped
​* Light fixture dusted
​* Cobwebs removed
* Counter tops (gentle scrubbed, wiped, and disinfected)
* Microwave both Inside and out (wiped, cleaned, disinfected)
* Cabinets (Outside) - (wiped and disinfected)
* Appliances (Outside) - (wiped and disinfected)
* Sink area (gentle scrubbed, wiped, disinfected)
* Range (top and front) - (wiped, cleaned, and disinfected)
* Doors, baseboards, window sills and ledges (wiped)
* Thorough detailed dusting (Knick-knacks,small appliances)
* Floors (detail vacuumed and mopped)
* Tables and chairs (hand wiped, cleaned, and disinfected)
* Rugs (thoroughly vacuumed)
* Fridge (wiped and disinfected)
​* Washer and dryer machine (wiped and disinfected)
* Cobwebs removed
* Flat surfaces (night stand, dressers. TV racks) damp cloth dusted 
* Picture frames hand wiped
* Window sills and ledges hand wiped
* Blinds carefully dusted
* Ceiling fans, lampshades carefully dusted
* Doors, light switches hand wiped
* Baseboards dusted
* Front of furniture (Dresser, night stand, etc) wiped
​* Floors vacuumed (mopped if applicable)
* Stairs vacuumed
Living room, dining room, office, family room, game room, and basement
At Golden Hand Cleaning Services we understand that no two houses are the same. So, if your house happens to have a bar area or a sun room, don't worry! We will create a custom cleaning program that will fit both your lifestyle and your budget. At Golden Hand, it's all about what we can do to get your house to shine the way it deserves!
 We offer a variety of cleaning types and scheduling options.  All of them have been designed to fit your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. Keep in mind that we have one common ground for all of our cleaning types though. They are all DETAILED. We mean, the entire house. At Golden Hand Cleaning Services, we don't believe in general cleaning. We specialize and take great pride in offering the most detailed house cleaning service of the Atlanta metro area. Our employees do not work under the circumstances that they have certain amount of time to clean your house. The only thing that matters to us is your satisfaction.  We won't be done until all the detailed cleaning work has been done regardless of the amount of time taken to do it. With this type of policy combined with the great feedback we have been getting from our current customers we have been able to achieve our business goals while fulfilling our customers needs. Here are some of the different types of cleaning we offer:

One time
Bi weekly
Once a month
Move in / out
Seasonal (Fall - Spring)
Special Events
After construction