Golden Hand Cleaning Services
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We offer a variety of services so that we can fulfill our customers cleaning needs. Keep in mind that these services are an extension to the house cleaning services we offer and can not be provided alone.
Refrigerator cleaning
​This is probably the most important appliance in your kitchen. Storing food in a clean fridge means fresher and tastier food. It helps prevent illness. This includes the freezer as well, where items can be stored for long periods of time, frozen until ready for use. We recommend a detailed cleaning of the inside of the refrigerator at least once every 6 months, assuming that every week the refrigerator is checked for food that has spoiled or spills that have occurred. In the cleaning of the inside of the refrigerator, all shelves and drawers are emptied out. We then remove all shelves, trays, and drawers to have them washed in the sink. After that, the walls inside the refrigerator are thoroughly cleaned. Once everything is dry, we put everything back into the refrigerator along with the food and drinks. We use a natural and 100% eco-friendly cleaner for the refrigerator just like we use for everything else. 
Oven Cleaning
The oven gets used a lot specially around the holidays, birthday parties, and celebrations. Food is baked in it for many hours at a time, so it's very important to have your oven cleaned on a regular basis. It's also important to clean it with natural and eco-friendly products so that no strong chemicals or residuals will be "cooked" along with the food you put in it. At Golden Hand, we make sure that 100% of the cleaning products used in your oven are chemical free.